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Frequently asked questions

  • How long have you been drawing?
    I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. But it wasn't very consistent and until 2012 I haven't taken it very seriously even though I was already studying Illustration & Comic at Kassel University of Arts in Germany at the time. My first trip to a Comic-Con and first time being at the artist alley woke a great urge in me to get better and find a job in this industry. I have also collected all of my saved works and sketches from 1993 to 2014 in chronological order no matter how much I dislike them or how boring they are for the audience. So the young artist can see the non-sugar-coated journey of my art. This is the reality of becoming an artist - it is not always a straight line going up. You can see my old drawings here on Instagram or Twitter.
  • Where did you learn to draw?
    I was transferred to a school with an emphasis on art in 5th grade. We had art classes 4 hours a week until the very end of high school. We learned the basics of drawings, anatomy, sculpting, lettering, and some more art-related topics. Because I was a kid and a teenager I haven't absorbed all the information very passionately, but I managed to store some of the knowledge in my memory. In two last years of high school, I also attended designer courses at the private art school in Tallinn, Estonia. There we also did figure drawing, learned mechanical drawing, done plein air paintings, had HTML-, 3D- and graphic design classes. In 2012 when I decided to pursue the career of an artist I started to learn all the basics by myself with help from YouTube, artist friends, and also using all the additional information I could find. Although I had some art schooling in my teenage years most of it faded away with time because I haven't drawn a lot and wasn't trying to get better. Nowadays I continue to watch tutorials on YouTube and consume new information that can help me to grow even more as an artist. I also try to invest in art courses one or few times a year so I don't get stuck in my comfort zone and boost my art skills further.
  • What do you use for drawing?
    I use Clip Studio Pro, Photoshop, and Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 for digital illustrations. For my traditional art I use: Prismacolor Col-Erase Scarlet Red and Black (for sketches) Red 2mm mines from Staedtler + any mechanical pencil (for sketches) Copic markers (for coloring)
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